jennie kay

V is for Victory


We use this term for completion. A finality. An achievement. A win.

I rarely use this term. It drives me nuts. I’ve never been terribly competitive, and the term victory jars me. It makes me feel like someone lost. However, in the absence of owning victories, I often take on the role of the loser.

Even doing this A-Z writing challenge, I got frustrated that I did not get it done in the twenty-six days, and found myself without a victory and put myself into the category of loser. I could give excuses. I’ve been traveling. I had to downsize most of my physical goods and move them to a new location. I have been around people most of the last few weeks, and not feeling in a peaceful space to write. I have been out of my routine and feeling mildly jarred by the experience. I let these elements take priority, and put goal, however mild, on the backburner. A day went by, a week. Now here I am a good week past my last entry and I pick up and realize, so what? So what that I didn’t get it done “in time”, who cares? The point is, I just need to do it. I need to have this victory over myself and I don’t have to be the first at the finish line, but I do need to finish. In finishing, I will have the victory over the obstacles, and it’s ok that it wasn’t in the timeline that I decided it needed to happen, but it does need to happen.

Becoming comfortable with victory itself, is the first step into having one.

I would love to hear what other people have had victory over, and what their relationship is with the term and idea of victory. As jarring as this step on the platform is to me, it is the first step in getting there.

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3 thoughts on “V is for Victory

  1. Victory. A good word indeed. As I consider the victories in life I can only think of a few, although I am sure there have been more but my faded memory fails me. The few I do think of is surviving a heart attack, stopping smoking-permanently, surviving widowhood, motherhood, grandmother-hood and wife-hood more times than I like to count. Hiking and running and dancing again when the doctors said I never would after a knee injury back in 1981. The world talks about small victories, sometimes that is all we have. I am glad memories fade, especially the bad ones, it helps the victories shine.

  2. I love you, Jennie Kay.

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