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Z is for Zed

Zed died today.

There are a lot of amazing things about Zed as a person that I and many other people could tell you. He had that smile that makes you think he will live forever. He had that laugh that simultaneously made everyone within twenty feet of you gloriously aware they were missing out on something great and mildly uncomfortable due to the explanation of whatever awesomely inappropriate humor they would soon need to be included on. He loved community with a passion few will ever have the honor of carrying, and he refused to be anyone other than himself, even when that meant meeting himself where he didn’t want to go, but needed to be. He was my sober buddy. He was my friend. He never missed an opportunity to look me in the eye and tell me he loved me.

He had a lot of things that were beautiful, but he had one gift that made him shine brighter than most, and that is his partner Lauren.

I always liked Zed, but I didn’t really love Zed until he was with Lauren.

Like the food that makes the flower bloom, she gave herself to him, and when she gave to him, he gave to all of us. While I have been blessed by Zed, I am challenged by Lauren. I am brought to charge by her patience, her strength, and her distance in vision for what someone can be with the unconditional love and carrying of a true partner, in good times and bad.

She flourished with his growth, and he grew with her investment. Their symbiotic nature was so intrinsically connected, to begin to explain its energy makes me uncomfortable, for no reason other than it’s truly sacred nature.

It is my honest prayer that the gift Lauren gave to Zed, that Zed, in turn, gave to us, can be harvested and returned to it’s source. The bloom of her own gift is one worth feeding, as her story has just begun. I am humbled by what a deep honor it is to find myself in this circle of faith, love, and friendship.

While the loss of a friend brings up many emotions, often and understandably, selfish in nature, Zed’s passing brings up the added consideration of what is possible.

His gift of showing us all what is possible in the strength of love.

Thank you, Zed, I love you too.

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4 thoughts on “Z is for Zed

  1. I am so sorry for your loss, you make me wish I had known such a wonderful man. One can only hope that you will write as eloquently for them when they are gone, my dear heart.

  2. Grover on said:


  3. I’ve been moved by the boards and sad that I never had moments as such that ppl have spoken of. But your words…I feel connected to a loss so deep with someone so special, whom I’ve never met in person. And this is making me cry on the spot and wish so much that I had. Thank you.

    I look forward to hearing every wonderful story about him on playa and beyond.
    Thank you.


  4. Alan M Grafing on said:

    He was a great brother, growing up together will always be a special moment for me…I miss you, Beans.

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